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"I have had the distinct pleasure of being represented by both Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster. Clint Lancaster is charming, makes you feel at ease even during one of the hardest parts of your life at the time. He spoke in terms that could easily be understood, answered all my questions and gave even more information that I needed. I also hired Jennifer Lancaster to handle my bankruptcy case, she made everything so easy, and my case was handled within a matter of days. She was there for me every step of the way and I just knew that hiring the Lancaster Firm was the best thing Ive ever done in my life. They saved me and helped me in so many ways and I am thoroughly grateful for the Lancasters!"

"Lancaster Law Firm, PLLC. exceeded all expectations with my case. They were so understanding and came up with a winning game plan within minutes of our consult. The also filed documents with the courts and had results within hours of my same day walk in appointment!! I recommend them 100%!"

"I had been through four attorneys before I hired Clint. He was very thorough, honest, and fair . He kept me informed every step of the way. He definitely knows his way around a courtroom and is a fighter! I would use Clint again and so would anyone in my family! Mr. Lancaster is worth every penny!

"Clint and his wife Jennifer are absolutely amazing. When I went to them, I was hesitant and worried, but they eased my mind and made the divorce process smooth. The staff are very kind and courteous, and they always find time to check up on their clients or just say hi! I would highly recommend The Lancaster Law Firm, PLLC., to anybody who is seeking legal advice or in need of a legal matter! Thank you so very much for everything!"