Appeals and Appellate Advocacy


Appellate law consists of taking the proceedings and rulings of a trial court and presenting them to a higher court to determine errors. Our firm uses concise issue spotting, sophisticated legal analysis, comprehensive research, and quality brief writing.

The Lancaster Law Firm can manage all types of appellate situations. This includes single issue appeals, complex and record-intensive appeals, accelerated appeals, and emergency mandamus proceedings in a broad array of cases including civil cases, divorce and child custody matters, criminal convictions, bankruptcy findings, and juvenile cases.

As it has become increasingly common for appeals to involve new statutes in often uncharted areas of law, it is important to have someone on your team to advocate for you. Our attorneys are not afraid to take on the hard cases to protect you and your rights on appeal. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to provide a high quality of service and professionalism with your legal issues.

Our attorneys can liaise with your trial court attorney or even join on your legal team as co-counsel to ensure that records are properly built and issues are preserved for appellate review.

We think outside the box during an appeal, and translate that thinking into a written brief which sends a clear message to the appellate court. If you are thinking of appealing, or have had your case appealed, contact us today for a consultation.