"Let me just say 5 stars isn't enough, I would give 10!!"

"If anybody is looking for a top notch attorney, call Jennifer Lancaster!!!!!"

"She is a bad ass and I highly recommend her for Bankruptcy or Divorce to all my friends!"




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In this tough economy, many good people have fallen on difficult financial hardships.  At The Lancaster Law Firm, we use our knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code to help people find solutions to their debt problems.  We will sit down with you one on one to determine which bankruptcy option is best for you.

The bankruptcy process can help you eliminate debt and stop harassing creditor calls, lawsuits, foreclosures, and garnishments. You do not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about whether you will lose your home or car or be sued by a credit card company.  You no longer have to shoulder the burden of unmanageable debt. The Lancaster Law Firm is here to help you navigate the confusing bankruptcy process.

Kind Words From Past Clients

Let me just say 5 stars isn't enough, I would give 10!! I was lucky enough to get Jennifer as my bankruptcy attorney and she is absolutely amazing! If you need the best legal team available I HIGHLY recommend Lancaster law firm. They treat you like you're a human being, they're very personable, and will work hard for you! Thank you again Jennifer you rock!!!

Having to face one of the most difficult situations in my life, I was so happy that I found Jennifer Lancaster to help me through it. I had to file a chapter 13 and Jennifer does not fit the typical attorney mold. I was very surprised of how honest and caring she was about my situation and not just seeing another paying client in front of her. She walked me through every step, explained everything in detail, and answered every question I had. My case was for 5 years and it didn't matter if I was 2 days in or 4 years in, she was always the same with me and always helped me with any questions I had. Kelly, her paralegal was just as awesome! She stayed on top of my case at the end to make sure everything went smooth to close it. I couldn't have asked for better help. This office seems to genuinely care about whatever your going through. If anybody is looking for a top notch attorney, call Jennifer Lancaster!!!!!

I hit financial rock bottom, fear of the unknown, I set up an appointment with Jennifer Lancaster. She is not only gorgeous, but highly professional and knowledgeable. She also competes in Iron Man! She is a bad ass and I highly recommend her for Bankruptcy or Divorce to all my friends! I hired her and she got the ball rolling quickly and efficiently!

Click on the links below for answers to commonly asked questions about bankruptcy in Arkansas.

The Dangers of Banking with a Creditor Bank During a Bankruptcy Proceeding

If you are in debt and thinking of filing or have filed for bankruptcy protection, you need to stop and think about whether you owe a bank any money as a creditor. If the answer is yes, then you MUST ask yourself a second question. Do you hold any types of accounts at that bank?…

Emergency Petitions for Bankruptcy

A typical Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition requires you to submit well over 50 pages of documentation, including: your schedules (which includes a detailed budget, a list of all creditors including addresses and account numbers, a detailed list of assets with estimated valuations, detailed information about sales, transfers, losses and recent payments to creditors,…

Bankruptcy and Social Security Overpayments

A question we get a lot is whether Social Security disability overpayment is dischargeable in bankruptcy. The short answer to this is “yes,” a Social Security overpayment is treated like any other unsecured debt. There are exceptions to the dischargeability of a particular debt under Section 523 of the Bankruptcy Code and exceptions to the…

Chapter 7 Filings, Secured Debts, and Default Judgments

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to wipe out unsecured debt– credit card bills, medical debt and other signature loans. However, secured debt–loans backed by collateral such as mortgages, car loans, or furniture, may be treated differently. Secured loans actually contain two different kinds of obligations. First, there is the obligation that you, personally, will pay…


The Lancaster Law Firm is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.