Election Integrity Legislation


Clint and Jennifer Lancaster are both active Republicans who believe in free, fair, open, honest, and transparent elections.

They became involved in election law in 2020, when Jennifer and Clint volunteered for the Presidential Recount in Wisconsin. They were assigned to the Dane County (Madison), Wisconsin, recount. While at the recount, they were asked to assist President Trump’s legal team on the floor with writing and research projects. Their work was so well received that they were asked to join President Trump’s team of attorneys at the recount.

As the recount progressed, Clint and Jennifer were asked to join President Trump’s Wisconsin litigation team under lead attorney Jim Troupis. They worked, primarily, as researchers, brief writers, and editors. They stayed with President Trump’s legal team through the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States.

In 2021, the Wisconsin Assembly initiated an election integrity investigation. Clint was retained by the Wisconsin Special Counsel, Michael Gableman (Jennifer had accepted a position as a staff attorney for Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Barbara Webb and was ineligible to represent the Special Counsel). Clint established a residence in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and served with Justice Gableman (Ret.) from October of 2021 until March, 2022 as a researcher, writer, and investigator for the Special Counsel.

While an attorney for the Special Counsel, Clint sued the mayors of the five largest cities in Wisconsin and nearly every member of the Wisconsin Elections Commissions when they failed to comply with legislative subpoenas issued by the Special Counsel.

He assisted the Special Counsel with his multiple drafts of the Report on the 2020 elections, even being seen on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

While in Wisconsin, Clint uncovered a sophisticated ballot harvesting app used by liberal NGOs to target Democrat profile voters only. Before the Special Counsel could report on the ballot harvesters and recommend prosecution, the investigation was disbanded by Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, Robin Vos.

Clint and Jennifer are active in election integrity matters across the United States, and Clint has been a featured speaker at multiple events.

He has represented candidates in recounts and election challenges before the judiciary in two different states. Both Clint and Jennifer are widely considered to be experts on multiple aspects of election law and procedures.