Religious Freedom


What Can and Can't Church Leaders Say About Elections & Legislation?

Today’s “cancel culture” tolerates no opposition—making religious Americans its first target. Many churches and church leaders are hesitant to engage in political activity out of a fear that they will lose their critically important tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. This fear becomes a driving force for the enemies of Jesus Christ. However, like all darkness, this too retreats from the light of information.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what rights and freedoms pastors and churches have on political matters. As a result, pastors, and worship leaders fear legal ramifications if they mention or participate in politics. However, the truth is there is very little the church is prohibited from doing under the law while still maintaining its 501(c)(3) designation.

This document is written to support pastors in their goal of helping their church members be good stewards for our communities, freedoms, and to fulfill their civic duties in a Christ-centered way.