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CLINT LANCASTER IS here to help | Serving Benton, Arkansas and surrounding areas.

There are likely countless attorneys who will be happy to take your case. HOWEVER, many of those attorneys treat neither you nor your case seriously.
WE PRIORITIZE CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you’re a customer of the Lancaster Law Firm, WE ARE THERE WHEN YOU NEED US.

We proudly represent clients in Benton, Bryant, Little Rock, Conway, Hot Springs, and many other cities across Arkansas. Call today to speak to a top rated family lawyer.

Kind Words From Past Clients

I was impressed with Clint Lancaster's confidence in his ability to win my case. He told me not to worry, to let him do the worrying for me, so I did. Because of his hard work and savvy approach, my case was dismissed. He more than justified my faith in him. He is kindhearted, but fierce in fighting for his clients. I highly recommend him, and have. His team is friendly and helpful, and makes a client comfortable.

Extremely satisfied with the professionalism and the knowledge Mr. Lancaster exhibited throughout the duration I was helped by The Lancaster Law Firm. He went to great lengths in every aspect involving my case. From staying in contact with me to informing me in any progress made, to representing my case. He also answered any question I had with what he suggested I do to what the outcome would be if I chose either way. I always felt he wasn't standing beside me along the journey, he lead from the front while guiding me through my situation. I have been around the world to exotic places to 3rd world countries. Made friends and even enemies. NEVER have i met such a man i hold in such high regards. He has a no quit attitude in parallel to a genuine desire to serve his clients to no end. I highly recommend him. He will NOT disappoint.

Clint will not quit until he has everything he needs to accomplish the best results for his clients. Clint has obtained great outcomes for us. We have used Clint’s services for orders of protection, divorces, domestic violence cases and much more. #womensownworth is thankful for this amazing attorney.

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At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?

In many instances of child custody and changes in custody, parents want to know what effect, if any, their child or children’s preferences will have with the court or the judge. The answer is “it depends.” The standard in custody cases is “the best interest of the child.” Generally, a parent will be awarded custody […]

Marital Property in Arkansas Divorces

Divorce is, at the end of the day, about two things. First, it is about the status of being married—the legal recognition of the marriage and of husband and wife. Second, it’s about property dissolution. And property dissolution makes up the majority of the divorce. The law in Arkansas is that of the common law […]