Clint Lancaster, Partner


About Clint Lancaster

Clint Lancaster is a former United States Marine who began his legal career in 2001 by working in law enforcement as a sworn and Arkansas CLEST certified police officer and field training officer. During his nearly five-year-long career in law enforcement, Clint made countless arrests and successful prosecutions.

By 2005, Clint decided to make a positive difference for people who needed legal services and gave up a successful career to go to law school.

Since opening The Lancaster Law Firm in Benton, Clint has litigated over 2,000 cases and received numerous awards and recognition as a result of his direct, straightforward, and no-nonsense litigation tactics and courtroom skills. These include: mention on 20/20 Rising Star by Super Lawyer’s Magazine; one of Arkansas’s Top Attorneys by Arkansas Life Magazine; a Top 100 premiere attorney by the National Academy of Jurisprudence; Nationally Ranked Top 40 under 40 by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys two years in a row; Best of the Best Attorney and Law Firm by the Readers of the Saline Courier; one of the top three attorneys in Saline County by the readers of Saline County Lifestyles Magazine; and a Superb rating by Avvo.

His former clients include two reality stars from MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, an NFL linebacker, a forward for a EuroLeague team, and numerous high profile/high stakes cases garnering national media attention. In addition to getting his clients over a million dollars since joining the firm, Clint also has experience in corporate and business matters. Prior to opening The Lancaster Law Firm, Clint worked for two of Arkansas largest corporate law firms handling contracts, debtor and creditor relationships, maritime and admiralty cases, and estate planning.

Today, Clint is dedicated to ensuring that The Lancaster Law Firm brings aggressive, corporate-style representation as your attorney. No matter what the case, Clint and The Lancaster Law Firm are ready to help you today. Clint has represented people and businesses throughout Arkansas and the United States. If Clint accepts your case, he will travel to fight for justice.



University of Arkansas at Little Rock,  School of Law,  Juris Doctor

  • UALR Law Review, Assoc. Editor, Vol. Thirty-Three (2010-11)
  • UALR ­Law Review, Apprentice, Vol. Thirty-Two (2009-10)
  • Reasoning, Writing, & Advocacy: Top Paper
  • Law and Economics:  Top Paper

University of Arkansas at Little Rock,  Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy


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"Clint Lancaster is hands down the best family law attorney I've ever met. I came to him after hearing mixed reviews. My case was a mess and we were just 9 days before the final hearing. He worked day and night fighting for my family leading up to the trial.
I knew the day I hired him I had made the right decision. I have a very strong personality, as such it's a rare occasion I relinquish control over a matter as important as my children to anyone. When I left his office it was as if someone had taken weights off of my shoulders. I knew if he couldn't handle it, no one could.
Some folks say he charges too much but I disagree. In the past I opted for a different attorney/lower retainer and we STAYED in court constantly squabbling about petty issues which ment I was forced to pay the same retainer over and over again. In hindsight, I wish I had just hired Clint from the beginning.
At my hearing he continued to impress. The other lawyer showed up with her partner and they teamed up against Clint. Even with 2, they couldn't keep up. Clint doesn't pull punches nor does he place his friendships with other attorneys over the needs of his clients. (Something you see alot in small towns). Clint litigates to win. Period.
I wish I could have filmed the cross examination he gave the other side. My ex husband has used his money and the court system to bully me for the last 6 years, but tucked tail the moment Clint stepped up to the podium. Clint's commanding presence and common sense logic cleared the smoke and bs from my case very quickly. (Something the other side had worked diligently for over a year to create)
In the end I didn't get exactly what I wanted but I dont think anyone ever does in custody cases.
If you're facing a divorce or any other family law matter, my #1 piece of advice would be to hire Clint and do exactly what he says. He is respected by judges and feared by other lawyers. I did a ton of research before hiring him. If you're looking for a scrapper, it's Clint Lancaster."

"After being told by another lawyer that I had no chance in regards to my situation, I was at a loss.I had no previous experience in dealing with the legal system so I didn't know where to turn other than asking around. It wasn't long before Lancaster became the most mentioned. My first impression upon meeting Mr. Lancaster was no facade that dwindled as time went on and my case was in motion. His drive, confidence and i would even say passion, never wavered. He installed confidence back in myself and my attitude about my situation. From the initial conversation to after all was done he went above and beyond. Exceeding my expectations by far. I am obviously extremely satisfied with The Lancaster Law Firm. 10/10 will and HAVE recommended them."

"When it came to my family, I wanted to find the best lawyer I could possibly find. Without a doubt, Clinton was the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He took an interest in my case and was completely honest through the whole process. He explained what I could expect and gave me best and worst case scenarios. Clinton answered every question honestly and completely. He was amazing in the court room and won our case decidedly. His knowledge and unflinching honesty was exactly what I needed. I thank God every day that Clinton was such an amazing person and lawyer."

"Watching Clint Lancaster in court is like watching a lawyer in a movie! He does not hold back! He went straight for my ex’s throat. He made my ex mad and he made my ex’s lawyer mad and I loved every minute of it. It was great to have someone fight for me after years of abuse. I hired Clint after my first lawyer kept trying to get me to settle. She said it was a good deal and I couldn’t do better in court. I’m glad I went with my gut and got a new Attorney. I’m glad I got Clint. He’s the real deal. He told me what my ex was offering. He said if I didn’t like it we’d go to war. We went to war and I won and I got to watch my ex squirm."